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About FreeFly

We don’t simply provide a training plan, we train the whole athlete. 

At FreeFly we feel real custom coaching must consist of more than just a training plan. Our coaches are capable of addressing every piece of the athlete puzzle. From power based training to nutrition to skill and technique we help you develop your weaknesses into strengths. We start with a detailed, hands-on approach that identifies the most important aspects of your game. Then, we create a detailed, custom training plan and use real, hands-on instruction to help you execute your plan. This is true coaching, with a real, personal coach.



“I have played sports my entire life.I was a high school and college football player, I wrestled, played soccer and hockey. Chris Wieczorek is by far the best coach I have ever had. He knows when to be a tough coach and push me physically. He knows when to get in my head and push me mentally. He has taken me from an overweight, “want to be” cyclist to a competitive elite endurance mountain bike racer in a short period of time. What is most amazing is that we live in two different states and I work in 4 states across the US so most of our work is done via phone and email. He has transformed my physical being, mental being and my home life to being a better husband, father, friend and mountain biker! FreeFly for life!”

Andy Hilling

Ultra Endurance MTB Racer

“Being coached by Chris is more than just being coached. He is a mentor and a leader that will put his athletes before himself every time. He doesn’t just coach because he likes coaching. He coaches to see his athletes succeed at something they are passionate about; that is what means the most to him. He believes in building you into the best person you can be on and off the racecourse. If you join with Chris and the FreeFly crew don’t only expect the best coaching possible but also expect a family-based team that looks out for one another at all costs, in all situations, on the racecourse with feeds and during intervals in the pouring rain.” 

Liam Baartman

UCI Junior MTB / Road
Bear National Team

“Chris is the all in one coach. Not only does Chris give you the tools you need to succeed, but he cares about you as a person and as an athlete. Chris is very knowledgeable about all things cycling and will help you get where you want to be! “

Tallon Flynn

UCI Elite MTB / Gravel
FreeFly Elite Development

“Chris has been my coach since I started riding in middle school. I’m now a junior in high school and have taken my interest, commitment and peformance to a level I never thought I could achive. Chris has taught me everything from fundamentals to race-specific skills, nutrition and mental strategies. Without the support of Chris and my FreeFly teammates I could never have achived my goals. I hope to continue to working with Chris throughout the rest high school and college! “

Ethan Blocker

Junior MTB / Gravel / Road
Bear National Team

“Chris’ deep knowledge of metabolic systems to get the most out of power training for his athletes is without peer. Through his own top-flight race experience he brings all the intangibles of preparation, strategy, and mental focus to get the most out of his athletes. I never dreamed I could accomplish what I did on a bike until Chris convinced me I could.”

Terry Gleason

Ultra Endurance MTB Racer

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